In 1986 Drs Alfred and Gunde Baur first visited New Zealand, invited to Christchurch by Barbara Hamblett. Alfred demonstrated chirophonetics and gave lectures in that country and later returned to give a first-ever week-long introduction. The Baurs also visited Australia where they were received enthusiastically, and yet work lost its momentum and, at the time of Baur’s death, was only being done by a handful of therapists.

In 2010, Barbara Baldwin, Helen Cameron, Maria Timmers and Michael Burton made a commitment to restart the trainings in Australia. The first course took place at Inala in Sydney in February 2012, and most of those participants from that course are still practicing. The courses will be given every year in February and September. Students attend these courses from Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Auckland. We are open to suitable people coming into the training and the next course will be in Adelaide between February 22nd and 26th in 2013.

The main teacher in Australia is Barbara Baldwin. She was a close collaborator with Drs Alfred and Gunde Baur since 1986. She translated Alfred’s major book, Healing Sounds: Fundamentals of Chirophonetics and worked with Alfred for many years, translating his lectures, giving courses with him and helping him to develop many of the ideas of his therapy. Barbara is a curative educator, therapist and speech pathologist, currently working as a consultant and lecturer in curative and remedial education in China and Australia. She is based in Adelaide.

In Australia, Barbara is assisted in courses by Helen Cameron, Michael Burton (speech) and Maria Mulhearn (Timmers).

Participants at the first Chirophonetics course @ INALA – Cherrybrook, NSW (February 2012)

Course 2 – INALA – Cherrybrook, NSW (September 2012)

Course 3 – Adelaide, SA (February 2013)

Course 4 – Warrah – Dural, NSW (September 2013)

Course 5 – Warrah – Dural, NSW (February 2014)

Course 6 – Warrah – Dural, NSW (September 2014)

Course 7 – Warrah – Dural, NSW (September 2015)

Course 8 – Warrah – Dural, NSW ( February 2016)

Further information about the four-year course in Australia is on the brochure which will be sent to anyone who emails Helen Cameron at helencam @ aapt.net.au

Eight courses have been done and finished on February 2016. And two students are working now on their final paper. We do not have plans yet on doing the next course but anyone who is interested can email us.